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Backlit Premium - diffusor fabric

Backlit Premium

ECO by ShowTex label

Whether you want to illuminate your softbox, lightbox, stage backdrop, trade show display or event decoration, Backlit Premium is a great light diffusor fabric for any set.

With its smooth and even surface, the material diffuses the light uniformly and creates a vibrant glow. The durable textile is also easy to tension into cubes or frames and recovers great after folding. A good alternative for PVC screens.

While only available in white, Backlit Premium can also be printed with any design or colour you want.

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505 cm

± 50 m

205 g/m²

100% rPET
مقياس مقاومة اللهب: 
EN 13501-1 / B-s1,d0
مزيد من المعلومات: 

Oekotex 100 certified (Class 4)