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    Flame retardant fabrics

    Flame Retardant Standards

    In order to provide the maximum safety level for our worldwide customers, ShowTex conducts a variety of Flame Retardant standard tests for all fabrics.

    Satinac - glossy fabric

    Affordable and ecological extra wide exhibition fabric with a satin shine.

    Heavy weight cotton cyclorama.

    Voile CS - sheer fabric

    Inherently flame retardant sheer fabric. Combine with starcloth for extra effect.

    Velours Paris CS - flame retardant stage velvet

    Permanently flame retardant stage velvet with upright pile and light satin sheen. Heavy weight synthetic velvet.


    Extra wide, budget-friendly stage masking fabric. Raised on both sides.

    Artist Canvas Print - printed fabric

    The perfect printed fabric for large format art reproductions.

    Inherently flame retardant Molton

    Inherently and permanently flame retardant fabric with minimum shrinkage.

    Molton CS Print - printed fabric

    Our inherently and permanently flame retardant Molton CS is now also available for print!

    Velours Delta - stage velvet

    Extra-wide and medium-weight synthetic stage velvet with good acoustic qualities.

    GobelinTulle - scrim

    Classic theatre sharkstooth scrim. Also great as projection surface, speaker gauze or for exhibition stands.

    Alushape Cretonne - molding cloth

    Molding cloth that can be painted and used for projection.

    Tulle Aymond - scrim

    Extra-wide lightweight scrim with a honeycomb structure.

    FP High Contrast Grey Perforato - front projection screen

    Perforated version of front projection screen FP High Contrast Grey.

    Spinnaker - flame retardant fabric

    Excellent translucence, like tracing paper.

    Satinac Crunch - glossy fabric

    Crushed satin reflects light under different angles, creating an amazing kaleidoscope effect.

    Blackout Double - blackout fabric

    Washable two-sided coloured blackout fabric for applications where both sides of the curtain are

    DropPaper - event fabric

    Non-woven material for vibrant displays that lets light in beautifully.

    Filled Cloth - stage canvas

    Textured stage canvas for flexible movement. Wrinkle resistant.

    FP High Contrast Grey - front projection screen

    Improve contrast ratios, black levels and shadow detailing, minimal ambient lighting impact.