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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Muslin, Canvas, Cyclorama Cloths

Green key backdrop

Extra wide muslin, canvas and cyclorama cloths for studio and stage backdrops provide a reliable surface for even light distribution. Create a sky cyclorama, chromakey backdrops, or use for projecting images and lighting effects. Our range includes printable, paintable and inherently flame retardant cycs for a totally personalized look.

BellaVista - stage canvas by ShowTex

Super-wide projection fabric that is easily tensioned and reflects the projected light beautifully.

Cyclo 75 - cyclorama

Loose weave muslin available in a variety of widths for large seamless cycloramas.

Cyclo 75 CS - cyclorama

Inherently and permanently flame retardant cyclorama. Loose weave muslin.

Cyclo 150 - cyclorama

Light weight cyclorama.


Cyclo 200 - cyclorama

Medium weight standard cyclorama. Flame retardant cotton duck cloth.

Cyclo 200 CS - cyclorama

Primarily used in TV-studios, as chromakey blue and green.

Heavy weight cotton cyclorama.

Cyclo 300 - cyclorama

The heaviest of all cycloramas. Can be used as floor canvas.


Filled Cloth - stage canvas

Textured stage canvas for flexible movement. Wrinkle resistant.