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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion


Dubai, UAE
September 2016

The impressive stage of the 19th Dubai Government Excellence Program (DGEP) was a combination of moving LED panels, widescreen projection and stunning projection mapping.

Center-stage, the award show featured an extra-wide RP Off White projection screen by ShowTex. This low gain rear screen measuring 5 by 26 meters is the perfect choice for edge blending with multiple projectors.

ShowTex Cube Frames in various sizes to the left and right of the screen served as a 3D extension of the projection surface. All 12 cubes were finished with high-quality Universal 250 BB fabric of which its black lining prevented the bracing of the frames to show through. The cubes added depth and texture to the projected content onstage, resulting in an impressive show!

But ShowTex was not only present on stage. In the venue’s entrance area, guests were treated to an instant update of all that was posted online about the event. For this purpose, an angled GiantMirror served as a giant social media feed. No winner was left unnoticed this way!

Project credits

FilmMaster MEA