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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

August Osage County

Antwerp, Belgium
November 2014

Flanders’ three city theatres (KVS, NTGent and Toneelhuis) present an impressive play after the award winning story by American author Tracy Letts: ‘AUGUST: Osage County’.

A simple but beautiful set decorated with versatile ShowTex textile immediately created the right atmosphere on stage. Borders made from AluShape were painted black and hung very low over the stage, blocking all incoming light and setting a very dark mood. As more and more issues got resolved during the play, the AluShape moved up slowly and made way for a bare stage bathed in light.

Freek Boey, technical director of the Toneelhuis: “By creasing and painting the AluShape Cretonne black, we created a set that sometimes could be dark and threatening and at other times reflect the incident daylight when necessary”.

With this easy to shape, reusable molding cloth, the options for fabulous textured forms are endless. AluShape lets you create natural backdrops, stage scenery and props in no time.

‘AUGUSTUS ergens op de vlakte’ is a coproduction of the Toneelhuis/Olympique Dramatique, KVS and NTGent. Translation, adaptation and direction by Tom Dewispelaere and Stijn van Opstal.

Project credits

Toneelhuis, KVS, NTGent, Olympique Dramatique