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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

UAE Mars Mission

Dubai, UAE
July 2015

The UAE recently unveiled the details of the first Arab mission to Mars during a special event attended by top-level officials. The project was presented in a space-like setting completely filled with ShowTex fabrics, frames and prints.

Four backlit print cubes with printed RP Fusion screens along with a 29 m wide by 6 m high blackout print on Universal 250 BB created the perfect atmosphere for this unique event. The combination of the mysterious prints on rear screen Fusion, backlit by neon tubes and extremely bright ShowLED Hybrid LEDs made the audience feel as if they were flying through space themselves.

Print cube specs

  • 1 cube of 6m height x 16m width
  • 1 cube of 6m height x 18m width
  • 2 cube of 6m height x 5m width