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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Björk Cornucopia - projection surface
Björk Cornucopia - projection surface
Björk Cornucopia - projection surface
Björk Cornucopia - projection surface


Theatrical Tour USA, Europe
September 2019

Welcome to the fantasy world of Icelandic singer/songwriter Björk! Using a fine selection of delicate projection fabrics and motion systems, the Cornucopia Tour transforms venues across the globe from large black boxes into true fairy-tale scenes.

Grey Spaghetti Event string curtain

Right from the start, the show opens with striking video projections onto a Spaghetti fringe curtain, creating a stunning multi-dimensional effect. By triggering the audience's curiosity for the Björk extravaganza behind the strings, Spaghetti Event is a great way to add a bit of motion and playfulness to the stage. 

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Sheer projection screen

As the show goes on, the layer of fringes is peeled back to reveal yet another layer of sheer fabric. A dark grey stage scrim serving as a see-through projection surface spontaneously adds an extra dimension to the visual and musical experience. As Gobelintulle is excellent for creating amazing illusions, it was the perfect way to lure the audience into the truly magical world of Björk.

Silent track system

Both the string curtain and the theatre scrim are carefully mounted on a ShowTrack rail system controlled by a Rope Drive Standard motor to get the drapes moving. The super silent and durable track solution can be custom curved to meet any set design. By getting the various layers of fabric moving, the rail system ultimately revealed the incredible onstage microcosm of Björk.

Björk's set designer Chiara Stephenson explains:
"The set serves as a canvas for the video art. We’re using kind of unconventional materials to project on. We’re not just projecting onto a screen, but onto layers of a fragile fabric membrane. The result is that the swirling, morphing images appear to envelop the Cornucopia environment."