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Projection Screens

Front, Rear & Twin projection screens are an integral part of theatres, arenas, cinemas, and event venues. ShowTex produces the world’s largest screens with nearly invisible joints and offers a wide selection of projection surfaces, making it easy to find the most appropriate screen with optimum viewing for any given application.

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RP Grey - rear projection screen

Rear projection screen for universal applications.

RP Off White - projection screen

Low gain twin projection screen.

FP XL Mesh - front projection screen

For constant gain and even light spread. Seamless front projection screen up to 5 m wide.

FP Blackout - front projection screen

High gain total blackout front projection screen.

FP High Contrast Grey Perforato - front projection screen

Perforated version of front projection screen FP High Contrast Grey.

FP High Contrast Grey - front projection screen

Improve contrast ratios, black levels and shadow detailing, minimal ambient lighting impact.

FP Supermat Perforato - front projection screen

Perforated version of the FP Supermat front projection screen, for excellent sound transparency

FP Supermat - front projection screen

Well balanced high gain front projection screen with smooth and super matte surface.

FP White - front projection screen

Perfect front projection screen for constant gain and even light spread.