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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Printed, Painted, Laser-Cut

Totally personalized concepts with painted, printed or laser cut fabrics. From extra large printed theatrical backdrops and personalized exhibition fabrics to precision laser cutting services for any design, pattern, or shape. Colourful designs on fabric create totally personalized concepts at events, performances, or venue decoration.

Satinac Print - printed fabric

Silk-like glossy fabric that is excellent for decorative draping.

Universal 250 Print - printed fabric

High quality decorative printed fabric, easy to tension.  Great for front lit cubes and print frames. Great recovery after folding.

Backdrop Print - printed fabric

Printed fabric with a coarse structure and matte appearance. Wrinkle free, great for touring.

Backdrop Soft Print - printed fabric

Printed fabric with visually no texture. Extra smooth image reproduction. Great back and front lit effects. Crease free, excellent for touring.

BannerDrape Print - printed fabric

Semi transparant printed fabric with recto-verso print effect and fine texture.

DekoTaft Print - printed fabric

Semi-shiny printed fabric with high quality recto-verso print effect. Drapes beautifully.