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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

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PepperScrim - Hologram scrim

Highly transparent and extra wide metallic scrim for large scale hologram effects.

LurexVoile 100 Crunch - glitter fabric

This crumpled glitter fabric ensures spectacular 3D effects.

BannerDrape - event fabric

Shiny polyester event fabric, available in white, gold or silver.

Spaghetti Event Lurex - string curtain

Thin & shiny string curtain. Inherently and permanently flame retardant.

String Curtain - SlitDrape

String curtain with shimmer or slashed material that picks up and bounces light.

Spirelli - chain curtains

Anodised aluminum chain curtain.

Reusable molding cloth in gold or silver that adjusts to all surfaces.

Chequered glitter fabric with a shimmery metallic shine.


LurexVoile 100 - glitter fabric

Medium transparent glitter fabric with a high metallic shine.

Galactica - glitter fabric

Glitter fabric, reflects different colours depending on the viewing angle.


Metallic Spark Crunch - glitter fabric

Crushed version of Metallic Spark. Create extra depth and effects with this glitter fabric.

Metallic Spark - glitter fabric

Woven glitter fabric with metallic thread for textured depth and shine.

Semi-transparent thin mirror foil. Two-way mirror. 

Mirror foil that can also be used for curtain panels.


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