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Projection Screens

Front, Rear & Twin projection screens are an integral part of theatres, arenas, cinemas, and event venues. ShowTex produces the world’s largest screens with nearly invisible joints and offers a wide selection of projection surfaces, making it easy to find the most appropriate screen with optimum viewing for any given application.  » Screen Buyer's Guide

Front projection means the projector and the audience are on the same side of the screen. Our front projection screens have a remarkably even light distribution over a wide viewing area and are available in mesh, perforated, super matte & blackout finishes.

When the projector is placed behind the screen and the audience looks towards the projector, the screen functions as a diffuser. Rear projection screens generally have better contrast thanks to a wider colour palette of screen surfaces.

A selection of rear projection screens that can also be used as front screens, or even to accommodate front and rear projection simultaneously. They are called dual or twin screens.

A selection of (semi-) transparent and translucent PVC foils, great for creating glass imitations, diffuser screens, inflatable spheres, and glow in the dark special effects while projecting.

Roll-up systems, fixed screen frames or mobile and fastfold projection screens. ShowTex has the best solution for your needs, whether large scale projections, easy touring or fixed installations.