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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Touring Proof fabrics

A great collection of foldable, crease-free and easy to transport fabrics which are durable enough to take on tour!

Personalized concepts: Laser Cut Fabrics

ShowTex provides the latest in precision laser cutting technology to reproduce your artwork with mirror image accuracy....

Pepper's Ghost Effect - How it works

Pepper's ghost is an illusion technique used in theatre, dating into the 16th century, but still widely performed today. Learn how to use ShowTex Giant Mirror to obtain this hologram effect.

Curtain Openings

Here's an overview of the traditional front curtain openings used in theatres. Depending on the type, front curtains consist of a single section or two sections that can travel horizontally or vertically.

ShowTex Screen Welding

Choosing the right screen

ShowTex offers a wide range of screens, each with its own specifications to obtain the best result for various applications. These tips will help you to choose the ideal screen for your set up.

Screen Care & Maintenance

Read and follow these guidelines carefully to be able to enjoy your screen problem-free for a long time.

Possible Screen Finishes

Our projection screens are availble in a variety of top, bottom and side finishes. Check all possibilities here.

Theatre terminology

Have you ever wondered what certain theatre terms mean? We thought we’d help you understand some of the commonly used theatre terminology and clear up the confusion.

Build it yourself using EasyDrape

The new ShowTex EasyDrape is now even easier to use thanks to the versatile coupler and telescopic horizontal drape supports with double hook-and-loop fastener. A...

ShowTex Printing Techniques

Printing Techniques

ShowTex is equipped with 3m and 5m large scale printers for all your wide format printing needs. This guide will help you choose the right material, finishing, and printing method to obtain the best result.


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