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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Creative Projection Surfaces

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This article is part of our series: projection screen buyer guides.

A venue completely covered in fabrics to put the audience in the middle of the action? Stunning laser and 3D projections on a building entirely wrapped in elastic white StretchTulle? Or custom-fitted car covers in stretch fabric to unveil your latest model? ShowTex stretch fabrics are the perfect base for amazing projection mapping effects.

A wide selection of screen surfaces allows us to advise the most suitable material that delivers optimum video quality for any given application with regards to ambient light and viewing angle.

ShowTex not only offers the more traditional PVC screens, its evergrowing selection of alternative fabric projection surfaces is the perfect answer to all you creative concepts. Stretch fabrics, voile and scrims can namely often be used in favour of PVC front and rear projection screens. These materials are more versatile for creating stretch shapes, 3D tensioned structures, special effect screens or light diffusers for creating both temporary and permanent scenographic design elements.

Mesh fabrics for example allow for holographic projections, impossible to achieve with PVC, whereas stretch fabric is opening possibilities to serve as projection surface in the ever growing world of 3D video mapping designs. Possibilities are endless when combining your projection visions with the versatile ShowTex soft goods.

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