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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Fabrics for adjusting the acoustic properties of a room



Noise standards and regulations concerning maximum noise levels during live performances make optimal sound quality more important than ever before. Furthermore, the acoustic conditions of venues themselves determine the majority of sound quality factors. Acoustic conditions can often be improved by using sound dampening drapes.
ShowTex offers a collection of stage fabrics designed to control the acoustics in architectural environments. They are often used in recording studios, sound sets, dance, drama and music rehearsal spaces, or in venues ranging from museums, schools and auditoriums to theatres. Our acoustic engineers are constantly putting our textiles to the test to offer you the ultimate noise controlling solution.


Choose from our range of velvet, cotton or wool drapes to improve sound quality and reduce reverberation levels within a venue.  Acoustic drapes made from Wool Serge are the ideal weave for absorbing and controlling soundwaves. In addition to that, it’s an excellent value for money.
ShowTex also offers acoustic panels that can be installed modularly for extra flexibility. Made from 100% recycled material, compressed together to optimize sound conditions, the Acoustic Baffle proofs ecology and noise level control can go hand in hand.
Curtains and fabric panels are easily adjusted, relatively economical and often an integral design element. Apart from absorbing sound; allowing for an element of acoustic ‘tuning’ within a room, acoustic curtains also have a range of applications such as covering window areas and dividing spaces.


Scenic fabrics with a netted structure can be used to mask speakers or other audio installations without effecting sound quality.
ShowTex even offers a unique acoustically transparent velvet which lets sound through perfectly: Velours Transsonic.