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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Expo design with backlit muslin canvasses and transparent sheers
Exposition design with backlit muslin canvas walls and transparent sheers
Exposition design with blackout fabrics and transparent sheers

Layered sheers dress up Art Jewel Exhibit

Shanghai, China
أغسطس 2021

The Endless Realm: Cindy Chao Art Jewelry exhibition was a great success thanks to an immersive expo venue featuring backlit muslin and sheer drapes.

Layers of sheers add depth

When it comes to subtle and elegant interior decoration, white sheers and muslin cloth are a perfect choice. Power-duo Cindy Chao and Tom Postma demonstrated this nicely when designing the welcoming space at the entrance of the exhibition. The layers of printed sheers in front of the backlit cyclorama walls do not take up much space but do add quite some depth to the room. What an elegant way to dress up a venue and set the tone for the rest of the exposition.

Sturdy aluminium structure with a galaxy feel

Going up to the second floor of the jewel display, the airy atmosphere changes to a darker and more mysterious one. The giant expo box is made entirely of aluminium frames and mystical fabric walls that draw in every curious visitor. It’s all about combining the right layers of see-through textiles and keeping out unwanted light with black masking drapes in all the right places. By mounting a semi-transparent GiantMirror foil in between two see-through layers of black sheers and muslin cloth, this art pavilion is turned into one giant jewel box. Add LED backlighting for extra bling and you end up with an impressive exhibition space that feels out of this world.

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