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How to choose the right Dance & Event Floor?

أقمشة دليل المشتري

A flame-retardant vinyl for your next stage production, dance spectacle, fashion show, exhibition stand, TV studio or touring show? ShowTex offers budget floors for one-off events, more durable ones for intensive use and custom printed ones to make a great visual statement.

Use our colourful, high-gloss, glitter and mirrored surfaces for a memorable show, or go for the classic look with a stylishly matte carpet in standard black, white or grey. From touring and semi-permanent options to flooring for permanent installations, ShowTex offers a variety of stage, dance and event floors to suit all needs.

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What's the right floor for you?

finding the right floor

Of course, budget is important, but there are many other factors to consider when it comes to picking the right dance or event floor. Let us guide you through it.

One of the first things to do, is deciding on the dynamics of the floor: permanently fixed, occasionally rolled up and down or constantly on tour? 


Our vinyl flooring intended for fixed installations will last for a very long time and is a great match for dance and television studios. Generally, these types of PVC floors are stiffer than the lighter flooring options, making them less prone to changes in temperature. Once installed, the heavy PVC material reacts very slow to thermal variations and therefore does not stretch but stays perfectly in place. The rigid nature of this flooring makes it very durable and able to withstand intensive use.


As a permanent vinyl floor is not always an option, due to limited budgets or venue specifications, ShowTex offers quality vinyl flooring that is equally capable to deal with intensive use. These semi-permanent floors are heavier and thus less flexible than the touring options but can still be rolled up and reinstalled when needed.


If you are taking your vinyl flooring on tour, whether it is for a professional dance company, a concert tour or a trade show stand, choosing a lighter material that is easy to handle is essential. Portable floors require a fast and easy installation and ditto removal after use. On top of this, they have to be durable enough to withstand the troubles of professional touring and easily restore wrinkles before every show. As these PVCs are generally more flexible, they react to changes in temperature faster. Going on tour, this is a good thing as the floor needs less time to fully adapt to a temperature-controlled venue when unloaded from a cold truck. It will lay flat more quickly and can be rolled and re-rolled over and over again.


Define the primary use of your floor

A floor used for ballet must meet totally different specifications than one needed for a heavily trafficked theatre stage or a visually thrilling vinyl for a one-off event. The intensity of use determines the durability required. Let’s take a closer look:

  • DANCE: Each form of dancing has very specific flooring requirements. Ballerinas need just the right amount of grip, tap dancers want a harder surface that amplifies the sound.
  • STAGE / THEATRE / ROCK ‘N ROLL: Stage and theatrical dance floors are multi-use floorings that can withstand heavy foot traffic as well as rolling scenery. Some of these floors can even be printed to enhance the overall set design.
  • EXHIBITION: Exhibition floors are hard-wearing floors designed for heavy foot traffic, but at the same time make a strong visual statement through colour, print, high-gloss, mirror or matte finishes.
  • SPECIAL EVENT: Event floors are used in a variety of temporary applications such as catwalks, product launches, weddings, corporate events, galas, outdoor gatherings, and so on. In short: any place in need of a large uniform flooring surface.


Making a visual statement

printed dancefloor - Kurt Van de Velde The visual appearance of a dance or event floor can of course not be overlooked. ShowTex vinyl flooring can meet nearly any demand in colour and finishing.


Most of our floors come in classic black, white or grey, but we offer both dance and event flooring in a range of other colours as well. A splash of blue, green, red or yellow can instantly set the tone and serve as a bright focal point in any performance, trade show or event.


Those who can’t decide on just one colour can opt for a reversible floor. While our single-sided vinyl has one coloured surface with a unique finish and grip, the reversible flooring options are double-sided and available in many great colour combinations.


A reflective high-shine floor is perfect for adding a wow-factor to your performance, expo stand or event, but generally, a more matte material is used for traditional dance flooring or applications involving intensive use. The matte vinyl is manufactured with a limited slip surface and hides scratches better than a glossy floor. 


Colourful designs printed on PVC flooring allow creating totally personalized concepts for events, performances, exhibitions, or on stage. By digitally printing your custom artwork onto a single-sided or reversible vinyl, you can create a statement flooring that will certainly not go unnoticed!

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finding the right floor

The sub-floor surface matters

The thickness of a dance or event floor will determine how easily bumps and dents will be felt and seen through the surface. The rougher the sub-floor, the thicker the material needed to level it all out. For touring purposes, this means there is a thin line between the perfect weight and thickness for a floor to be manageable. The presence of a sprung floor or pliable sub-floor, on the other hand, is great in combination with the thinner and more lightweight materials.

finding the right floor

Finding the right balance

The above recommendations are meant as a guide for you to select the right type of ShowTex flooring, but obviously, it will often be a matter of give and take. Budget, location, storing space, dancer preferences… there are many factors that cannot be changed easily. By talking to you and finding out your specific needs and limitations, we are convinced to have a vinyl dance or event floor available for any type of situation!   

How to clean your floor?

finding the right floorDust, dirt, sweat, shoe marks, food, drinks... All floors get dirty. Regular maintenance and mild cleaning are thus key in keeping your vinyl last for years. However, using the right type of cleaning products is crucial as well. Make sure to use a non-solvent based detergent that doesn’t damage the PVC nor leaves any residue on the floor surface.

Keep it simple when it comes to cleaning your vinyl floor! Remember to use only a traditional degreasing detergent and stay away from alcohol, ammonia or acetone. These volatile products break down the plasticizer that makes your floor pliable and will make it rigid and likely to crack. Bleach is a no-go as well. Besides destroying the colour of the PVC, it makes your floor slippery just as any household cleaning products containing oil.


Storing your dance floor

dance carpet wagon

If you want to keep your floor in perfect condition, also while not in use, storing it in the right way is very important. Here are some tips & tricks:

  • Store and transport your rolled up and dry floor with a special floor cart.
  • Store your floor at room temperature.
  • Let it acclimatise after it has been exposed to greater cold or heat. 
  • UV radiation attacks the floor’s plasticizers, which make it flexible. 
  • Cover your unrolled floor with a tarp when not in use.

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