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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Don Giovanni - GiantMirror
Don Giovanni - GiantMirror
Don Giovanni - GiantMirror

Don Giovanni

Bern, Switzerland
ديسمبر 2017

A glamorous set design inspired by the Las Vegas Casinos treated the audience of Mozart's Don Giovanni to a contemporary spectacle full of bling.

With a GiantMirror of 11 meters wide by 7 meters high hanging above the stage, director Mathew Wild wanted to illustrate the voyeurism that is typical for this intriguing play. The entirely reflecting mirror surface featured a Molton CS backing, preventing that any light could interfere with the clever reflections.

In the middle of the foil, a 4-meter diameter circle was meticulously cut out allowing Don Giovanni to enter the stage through the mirror. As he came down, majestically seated on his winged Pegasus, a separate circular mirror with black backing was used to close the opening and make the reflecting surface complete again. This unique technique of cutting the delicate foil required a great deal of craftsmanship from the ShowTex team on site, but resulted in a true piece of art!

The combination of the colourful costumes, the sparkling lights and the impressive staging dominated by the extra-large mirror, perfectly captured the decadence of the story in one single image. Impressive!