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On-site Installation Supervisor





On-site Installation Supervisor


  • Bachelor’s degree or above, major in architecture or civil engineering is preferred
  • More than 5 years working experience in infrastructure projects, direct participation in the construction of theaters, theme parks, large exhibition halls is preferred;
  • Rich construction expertise and education background, and familiar with the site work safety regulations;
  • Strong adaptability to the environment, willing to travel, able to work on site for a long time, good at communication, dare to practice and innovation;
  • Strong communication skills, mature and prudent, team spirit;
  • Positive working attitude and fluent in mandarin. Basically, read and communicate in English.


  • Learn product knowledge, master the installation of curtain, track and control system;
  • Understand the situation of each project, according to the drawings and the actual situation of the site, give feasible Suggestions;
  • Follow up the project progress until the completion and acceptance of the project;
  • Responsible for all site installation projects in the whole China, and report directly to the general manager;
  • On site, lead the technical team to complete the work within the time limit, and responsible for the safety and quality of work on site;
  • In any situation, especially in an emergency, able to propose solutions and provide assistance to frontline staff


ShowTex offers a dynamic and international job environment – representing an innovative and high-quality line of products and services – and a competitive compensation and benefits package commensurate with experience.

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