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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

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    Voile CS - sheer fabric

    Inherently flame retardant sheer fabric. Combine with starcloth for extra effect.

    Flame retardant fabrics

    Flame Retardant Standards

    In order to provide the maximum safety level for our worldwide customers, ShowTex conducts a variety of Flame Retardant standard tests for all fabrics.

    Satinac - glossy fabric

    Affordable, extra-wide and eco-friendly exhibition fabric with a satin shine.

    Budget event fabric - Juncko

    Inexpensive, flame retardant fabric, available in almost any colour!

    DekoJute - event fabric

    Extra wide and budget-friendly exhibition and event fabric with a coarse texture.


    Extra wide, budget-friendly stage masking fabric. Raised on both sides.

    DekoMolton - deko molton

    Budget friendly display cotton, perfect for single-use but durable enough for multiple-use.

    Velours Shakespeare - stage velvet

    Heavy weight cotton stage velvet with upright pile and rich colours.

    Choucroute Heavy - event fabric

    Heavy weight non-woven matting. Great to combine with other fabrics. Handmade event fabric.

    Cyclo 300 - cyclorama

    The heaviest of all cycloramas. Can be used as floor canvas.


    Stage Net UltraLight

    Knotted square stage net with a fine thread for scenic use.

    Satinac Crunch - glossy fabric

    Crushed satin reflects light under different angles, creating an amazing kaleidoscope effect.

    LaqueFloor - stage floor

    A highshine stage floor! Single-sided and budget-friendly.

    Filled Cloth - stage canvas

    Textured stage canvas for flexible movement. Wrinkle resistant.

    Velours Puccini - flame retardant stage velvet

    Flat-pile and light cotton stage velvet with medium satin sheen. Available in an elegant colour range

    Spinnaker - flame retardant fabric

    Excellent translucence, like tracing paper.

    Cyclo 75 - cyclorama

    Loose weave muslin available in a variety of widths for large seamless cycloramas.

    Stage Nets

    Square stage net for stabilizing open areas of cut drops and foliage drops.

    flame retardant Wool

    Pure new flame retardant wool with a deep black colour. Excellent sound dampening qualities.

    SoundVelours - sound reflection

    Flocked velvet with a PVC-backing for excellent sound reflection. Acoustically neutral.