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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Joburg Motor Show

Johannesburg, South Africa
February 2012

The Johannesburg International Motor Show (also popularly known as the Joburg Motor Show) is the biggest automotive event on the African continent.

ShowTex South Africa installed GobelinTulle ceilings for 5 different car brands, blacked out a roof over a video booth, and supplied an oval rear screen construction above a Lexus.

ShowTex supplied various car covers for different brands in both Dekotaft and Satinac and 4 AutoReveals 300 for the BMW launch.

Other event fabrics supplied by ShowTex include a DekoMolton ceiling cloth and curtains for a temporary cinema, GobelinTulle mounted in print frames to serve as windows, a DropPaper ceiling for Toyota’s trade show stand, and Organza curtains and Polystretch P5 stretch covers for fire exit doors.