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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Puy Du Fou

February 2006

The giant 17th century theatre of the Grand Parc Puy du Fou will open its doors.

The audience will witness the rousing adventures of 'Richelieu's Musketeer', a fantastic swashbuckling show with daring horseback feats, flamenco ballets and spectacular effects. The stage is equally spectacular. ShowTex installed a main house curtain in a rich, theatre red Bellini velvet. With its 13.25 m high by 72 m wide, it is arguably the largest house curtain in the world. Besides a 'normal' motorized traveller track, the curtain is also equipped with partial Venetia hoistsystems to create quick entrances. Of course, all curtain movements can be programmed from the show control computer.

Project credits

Grand Parc Puy du Fou