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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

flame-retardant fabrics

Poppodium 013

Tilburg, The Netherlands
April 2016

Poppodium 013 was in need of a revamp! Greater capacity and increased comfort was the basic idea. And the Main hall required a flexible wall system to adapt the size of the hall to the number of visitors. The ideal assignment for ShowTex, that took care of the entire interior design and decorations in the small and large hall.

The great hall was masked with Wool Serge Panne, a super sturdy and flame-retardant fabric and the perfect material for a sizeable music venue. Moreover, Wool Serge is sound dampening and available in different weights. The combination of weight and unique weaving pattern ensures optimal light and sound control.

For that reason, 013 opted for a slightly heavier front fabric and ShowTex installed the impressive curtains on a versatile and extremely robust H300 curtain track. To be able to decrease the hall size, ShowTex introduced a sleek and flexible made-to-measure wall system. The Main Hall can be transformed to suit visitor numbers and create a more intimate space in the blink of an eye by using a rail H100 curtain track and Molton CS curtains that neatly follow the balcony lines. This is pleasant for both the artists and the audience and makes for the ultimate total experience together with the excellent acoustics.