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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

stage netting
stage netting
stage netting
stage netting
stage netting
stage netting

National Television Awards

United Kingdom
February 2018

Every year, the biggest names in British TV come together to celebrate the top actors, actresses and shows in the UK at the National Television Awards. This year's show featured a colourful and dynamic set of 2000 floating petals, attached one by one to UltraLight Stage Netting by ShowTex.

Scenic netting stabilizing the open areas of a foliage drop

No less than 87 pieces of virtually invisible stage netting were confectioned to size and finished with a Glass Fibre Rod on top for easy positioning. The petal-spangled strips of scenic fabric varied in height between 125 cm and 1000 cm. The drapes were installed in numerous layers to create an impressive swirling effect that was inspired by the shape of the NTA trophy itself.

Fabric disappearing onstage

The 16m high by 32m wide set looked like a spiralling cloud of leaves, creating a unique sculptural effect that was both delicate and dramatic. The flame-retardant nylon used to support the decoration was knotted into squares which retain their shape when stretched. Its ultra-fine thread makes the material nearly invisible to the audience, giving the appearance that the colourful petals are floating magically through the air!

Project credits

Blackfriars Staging LTD