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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

I am Singer Songwriter

September 2020

Thanks to an impressive rocky set design, the second season of the popular TV show I am Singer-Songwriter is even more spectacular than the first one. On the lookout for a backdrop that sets the tone? Try creating special 3D effects with textured molding cloth.

Textured fabrics for a rocky backdrop

I am CZR* knew exactly how to impress its audience with the design of the studio. Using a large amount of sturdy AluShape Stone fabric, they managed to imitate a gigantic cave on stage. The layered rocky façade made the contestants rock out even more!

Projecting on molding cloth allows you to obtain impressive light effects. Add to that a stone pattern print and the artificial AluShape rocks can hardly be distinguished from a real cave. These are just two of many things you can accomplish with AluShape.



Impressive 3D effects with molding fabric

The printed stone pattern and the beautiful light spread of the molding cloth make the cave look super realistic. But opposite to the weight and bulkiness of real stones, AluShape is a lightweight and flexible fabric that can easily be shaped into any 3D form you like.

While contestants compete for the prize of best singer-songwriter, the fabric cave is the real winner on stage, for it can actually take your audience’s breath away.

An original television format needs an equally original set design. Have you experimented with AluShape yet?

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*CZR stands for 'chang zuo ren', meaning singer-songwriter.

Project credits

I am Singer Songwriter
Zhi Hong