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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

SpiderNet - stage net
SpiderNet - stage net
SpiderNet - stage net

EY - Enterpreneur of the year

Machelen, Belgium
December 2016

This year, the annual event 'Enterpreneur of the Year®', took place at the EY head office in Machelen, Belgium. All guests gathered in the big hall, which was divided into two parts by a temporary black wall of 2.5 m high.

For an easy set-up, the wall consisted of different panels of which one side was covered with white SpiderNet. A total of 40 decorative drapes was  easily and invisibly attached to the panels by means of black hook-and-loop fastener. The spider web pattern turned the partition wall into an instant creative feature, which stood out even more when the spotlights were turned on!

Project credits

DDMC & ASP Group