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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion


Symphonica in Rosso

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
December 2015

The décor of the new Symphonica in Rosso concerts at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam is one to be seen. Paying much attention to the design of the show as always, the organisation trusted in our expertise to decorate the gigantic stage this year.

ShowTex Netherlands in Soest created an impressive Venetian curtain fully made to measure in red StretchVelours of no less than 66 metres wide and 15 metres high.

StretchVelours is an extremely flexible and light-weight velvet, which is ideal for this kind of stylish drapery. Having a unique width of 160 cm, less material is lost and it is lighter than the more classic velvets. Furthermore, the high polyester content ensures that the fabric doesn’t wrinkle.

The result is a grand theatrical setting, which in combination with the amazing lightshow and high-tech video screens, delivered yet again a spectacular show.

Mission accomplished!

Project credits

Musica È Bookings BV