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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Choucroute Heavy
Choucroute Heavy
Choucroute Heavy
Choucroute Heavy
Choucroute Heavy
Choucroute Heavy


World tour
April 2017

It’s for the Panorama Tour that Møme and the Allo Floride Productions team called in ShowTex. A “wavy”, original and colourful backdrop, easy to transport and install for a worldwide tour? Challenge accepted!

The stage as stage designer Maxime Ghibaudo imagined it, needed a backdrop which could adapt itself to the different moods created by the artist. The whole structure consisted of vertical panels that, once installed, would show a wavy effect.

The textured event fabric Choucroute Heavy can create an original and stunning visual effect with simple confection. The creamy colour highlighted the work of light designer Olivier Germain, Alexandre Brisa and the visual projections of DDM Recordings.

Møme’s team doesn’t skimp on colour variations and incredible visual effects. They had to choose GobelinTulle black for the lining of the Choucroute Heavy Backdrop to absorb all lights that could be too much on stage.

Combine these two fabrics to play with all visual effects you want, without loosing colour intensity or image quality.

Project credits

Maxime Ghibaudo