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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

SonoMesh Acoustic Fabric

An all-round material combining sound absorption with strength, flexibility and durability.

SonoMesh Print - acoustic fabric

A durable and sound-absorbing material featuring stunning print results!

Spinnaker - flame retardant fabric

Excellent translucence, like tracing paper.

DropPaper - event fabric

Non-woven material for vibrant displays that lets light in beautifully.

Cyclo 200 - cyclorama

Medium weight standard cyclorama. Flame retardant cotton duck cloth.

Cyclo 200 CS - cyclorama

Primarily used in TV-studios, as chromakey blue and green.

PhosphorFoil - glow in the dark fabric

Phosphorescent projection foil or glow in the dark fabric.

Backdrop Soft Print - printed fabric

Printed fabric with visually no texture. Extra smooth image reproduction. Great back and front lit effects. Crease free, excellent for touring.

Spinnaker Print - printed fabric

Excellent translucence. Like tracing paper. Perfect for inflatable projection spheres.

FP Supermat - front projection screen

Well balanced high gain front projection screen with smooth and super matte surface.

fluorescent Hook & Loop fastener

This fluorescent hook-and-loop fastener is a highly visible fastener.


Phosphor Tape lights up in the dark. Use this light tape for marking stages and exits.

Carpet tape for attaching dancecarpet. Leaves almost no glue residue.