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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Masking, Blackout & Acoustic Fabrics

Masking, blackout and acoustic fabrics are the ideal way to adjust acoustics and light in a theater or venue.

Light masking and blackout curtains partially or completely block atmospheric lighting to create a complete black box. The fabric’s ability to absorb light and remain truly black is key.
Our acoustic fabrics are designed to improve sound quality and reduce reverberation levels, but apart from absorbing sound, they also allow for an element of acoustic ‘tuning’ within a room.

Curtains can be custom dyed to any colour.


The extra-wide and budget-friendly Molton is now also available on roll and in smaller widths!

Acoustic Divider

This free-standing and mobile cart is an extension of the Acoustic Panel.


Super soft Molton masking fabric with double-sided pile.

Inflatable Wool

With its special coating, our Wool Serge Panne is now airtight!

Velours Delta - stage velvet

Extra-wide and medium-weight synthetic stage velvet.

Velours Zeus CS - flame retardant stage velvet

Extra-heavyweight synthetic stage velvet. Permanently Flame Retardant.

Velours Atlas - stage velvet

Extra-heavyweight and cost-effective cotton stage velvet with flat pile.

Acoustic Panel

The Acoustic Panel ensures excellent sound absorption and is ideal for fixed installations.

Budget event fabric - Juncko

Inexpensive, flame retardant fabric, available in almost any colour!

FiberCloth M0

Very strong and non-ignitable fabric made from a fibreglass base cloth.

Blackout Flex BB - blackout fabric

Blackout Flex BB is the perfect blackout fabric to combine with AV Drop or Print Frame Profiles by ShowTex.

Velours Bravo - flame retardant stage velvet

Extra-wide (210 cm), medium-weight masking fabric with good acoustic qualities.

Extra wide 100% blackout fabric that is black on both sides.

DekoMolton - deko molton

Budget friendly display cotton, perfect for single-use but durable enough for multiple-use.

Flanel - event fabric

Single-use cotton event fabric, ideal to use for stage skirting. Double-sided raised.