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Stage velvets & mohair theatre curtains

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Red velour curtains for theatres or events

Cotton, polyester and mohair velvet curtains are the most traditional flame-retardant fabrics for theatrical drapery. Manufactured as luxurious front theatre curtains and valences, borders, legs, and stage backdrops, they serve a decorative purpose on stage while benefiting lighting and sound conditions.



Cotton stage velvetsBlue Velours Theatre Curtains by ShowTex - Puccini

Velours is produced from cotton or synthetic materials, it can be custom-dyed to order and comes in a variety of weights.

The elegant flat-pile cotton velvets Puccini, Verdi and Bellini by ShowTex are available in a variety of colours. ShowTex now also offers a new budget range of 100% cotton velvets, including the medium-weight Velours Hamlet and the noticeably heavier Velours Atlas.


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Italian red velours curtain made from Velours Paris CS and Helena CSPolyester or synthetic velours

Cotton velours are chemically treated to make them flame-retardant (FR) while IFR polyester velvets are produced using materials that are inherently and permanently flame-resistant.

The synthetic Velours Helena CS, Garnier CS, Paris CS and the new extra heavyweight Zeus CS by ShowTex have an upright pile, are 100% Trevira CS and were developed to be ultra-low maintenance.

These fabrics are more resistant to moisture, weather conditions, wrinkling and storage than cotton velvets. Choose from an extensive new range of pure colours.

ShowTex recently added the durable and cost-effective Velours Delta and Velours Bravo to its range of synthetic stage velvets. These velvets are extra wide and inherently flame retardant. They are wrinkle-resistant, medium-weight masking fabrics with minimal shrinkage, making them ideal for touring, outdoor venues and humid environments. Their unique structure and short pile guarantee a consistent, deep, matt black colour and high opacity.


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Dark purple mohair-velvet curtain tailor-made for the Wagner main stageMohair theatre curtains

Mohair velvets offer the most luxurious main house theatre curtains with maximum endurance and sustainability. Our heavy-weight Velours Gaudi and the even heavier Velours Palladio Mohair velvet are made of hair from the Angora goat combined with cotton, resulting in an extremely durable fabric with a long upright satin pile, good acoustic qualities and excellent colour clarity.

Take it one step further and give your Mohair theatre drapes their very own character by adorning them with your personal designs or patterns. Logos or custom designs can be woven right into our Velours Mackintosh, while our Velours Le Corbusier can be embossed with historic pressed velvet patterns.


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Velours Puccini Cotton 360 g/m2 140 cm
Velours Verdi Cotton 525 g/m2 140 cm
Velours Bellini Cotton 605 g/m2 140 cm
Velours Hamlet Cotton 450 g/m2 150 cm
Velours Atlas Cotton 600 g/m2 140 cm

Velours Helena CS Trevira CS 380 g/m2 145 cm
Velours Garnier CS Trevira CS 450 g/m2 140 cm
Velours Paris CS Trevira CS 500 g/m2 140 cm
Velours Zeus CS Trevira CS 620 g/m2 140 cm
Velours Transsonic Trevira CS 330 g/m2 160 cm
Velours Delta IFR Polyester 460 g/m2 205 cm
Velours Bravo IFR Polyester 480 g/m2 205 cm
SoundVelours Flocked Polyester 750 g/m2 155 cm
StretchVelours Elastic Polyester 270 g/m2 160 cm
Velours Gaudi Mohair 575 g/m2 140 cm
Velours Palladio Mohair 770 g/m2 140 cm
Velours Mackintosh Mohair 470 g/m2 140 cm
Velours Le Corbusier Mohair 565 g/m2 140 cm