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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Multimedia performance “8”

نوفمبر 2017

Music, dance, scenography and projection all came together in this multi-dimensional piece of art, featuring a unique stage that was designed to transform completely during the performance. As dancers performed behind a highly transparent PepperScrim mesh, dynamic 3D projections added an extra visual layer to this artistic multimedia performance.

In only 6 minutes time, spectators are taken on an audio-visual journey through 8 different chapters without any information about the characters, nor the situations they are in. According to project director and choreographer Alexey Karpenko, the audience should be able to interpret the artwork in their own way. For each individual, this interpretation – and therefore the whole experience – is different.

Watch the amazing one-shot video of “8” and give your own meaning to the story.

All video mapping on the moving objects was done using the intellectual tracking system BlackTrax, while a d3 4x4pro media server ran the automated show control.