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Immersive glassless mirror ceiling at Memories of Tomorrow by Six N. Five

Immersive glassless mirror ceiling at art expo

Shanghai, China
مارس 2024

Inside the historic Capitol Theatre Building, an unseen art expo takes place. Co-organised by TRLab and Rockbund Art Museum, digital artist and designer Six N. Five shows off visual and digital art displays that boggle your mind using a large mirror installation. Ready to be captivated by the many optical illusions throughout the art expo?

GiantMirror immerses visitors in a dreamlike world

As visitors set foot in the expo hall, a large structure in the middle of the venue immediately grasps their attention. It’s a 16 by 12m wide ceiling mirror, that reflects light and shadows in every direction, subtly adding depth to the room. The many reflections playfully guide visitors of the expo “Memories of Tomorrow” through the venue. The ideal centrepiece for your unique art display? How about a 200m² glassless mirror ceiling?

Historical elegance, technical brilliance

Finding the best position for the ceiling structure in the exhibition space asked for highly technical installation methods. By lifting the glassless mirror using a truss and manually hoisting the large structure, the installation team was able to perfectly position the mirror for the best reflection results. To ultimately create a visually cohesive space, the mirror was slightly lowered to integrate with the other expo structures.

Eventually, the entire process from confection to installation took only 48 hours. Not only does this prove the precision of the technology, but also the dedication of the tech, sewing and installation teams. Teamwork makes the dream work!


On the outlook for an immersive mirror installation at your museum or exhibition?

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