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Glassless mirrors: Reflective infinity for Thierry Mugler

Glassless mirrors: Reflective infinity for Thierry Mugler

New York, United States of America
سبتمبر 2023

The Brooklyn Museum opened a door into the creative world of Thierry Mugler, using 4 light-weight GiantMirror displays.

Infinite reflections with GiantMirror

The perfect showcase for the bold and innovative designs of Thierry Mugler? Imagine infinite couture, an impression crafted by the impeccable positioning of glassless mirrors. The Brooklyn Museum carefully selected 4 GiantMirror full mirrors to create an infinity room, adding depth and dimension to the spectacular pieces on display.

To achieve the effect of continuity, the seamless and lightweight pieces were suspended in frames on the walls of the museum hall. In addition, strategically positioned lighting further enhanced the mirrors' highly reflective nature while maintaining transparency, resulting in a larger-than-life expo design.

Couturissime: Thierry Mugler, an original exhibit for the most innovative haute-couture designer of his time.

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