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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Outdoor projection scrim Cielorama at Noor festival in Riyadh
Outdoor projection mesh Cielorama at Noor festival in Riyadh

Outdoor projection scrim Cielorama breaks world records

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
مارس 2023

Projecting on a building is always challenging, but attaching fabric screens to a skyscraper requires even more expertise and high-quality materials. In comes ShowTex with Cielorama!

Outdoor projection mesh

As the region’s largest festival of light and art, Noor Riyadh annually transforms the city into an illuminated open-air gallery. The highlight of this year’s event? Most definitely the well-known Kingdom Centre, transformed into a giant screen thanks to a super-wide and highly transparent projection mesh.

Over 1500sqm of outdoor netting was used to project on, reinforced with Dyneema to increase the stiffness of the mesh and subsequently withstand the windiest of circumstances. Combined with the wind-permeability feature of the gauze, the projection surface on the tower was adapted to all kinds of weather conditions. The perfect solution for an XL outdoor art installation.

Cielorama in the Guinness World book of Records

This year’s festival’s theme was “We dream of new horizons”, and it’s safe to say that dream came true. The event broke a whopping 6 world records and 2 of which involved our beloved outdoor projection scrim:

  • Highest mesh screen on a building – 203.508 m (667 ft 20 in)
  • Largest mesh screen on a building – 1,603 m²

On the lookout for a netting solution for your outdoor laser or projection show?

Check out Cielorama by ShowTex