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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Slanted mirror stage decoration
Transparancy and reflection on stage using GiantMirror stage props

GiantMirror stage decoration for Mama

Montréal, Canada
فبراير 2023

How do you showcase spectacular acting in a minimalist set? Add depth and new perspectives to your play with GiantMirror as the centerpiece.

Creativity on stage with transparency & reflection

In a suburban bungalow, 12 women take turns caring for a patriarch on his deathbed. How about a large circular mirror to offer this silent yet central character the spotlight he deserves? The 8 meters diameter and virtually invisible joints of the glassless mirror allowed the audience to completely immerse themselves in what was happening on stage. Installing the set piece slanted above the stage instantly offered a whole new perspective on the play.

Controlling the effect with projection materials

In addition to the mirror, a projection screen is placed behind it. The purpose? Being able to shade the level of transparency and reflectivity of the set piece when needed. Speaking of adding more drama to the performance.

The Duceppe Theatre is known for its creativity and the stunning décor of the play stressed that even more. As the international reputation of ShowTex glassless mirrors opened the doors for this fruitful collaboration, GiantMirror surely became the natural support for the actors’ fantastic work on stage.

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