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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Immersive sports awards opening act
Invisible stage net at sports awards show
Immersive video mapping on holographic projection scrim
Holographic projections on Pepperscrim for UAE Pro League Awards opening act

Holographic projections on PepperScrim

Abu Dhabi, UAE
يناير 2023

Opening an award show asks for a breathtaking performance. How about an act using holographic imagery on an invisible projection scrim?

And the winner is … PepperScrim!

On stage of the Emirates Palace, the UAE Sports League Award ceremony kicked off with a bang thanks to holographic projections on a highly transparent mesh. PepperScrim is a metallic gauze, invisible to the public eye, allowing for imagery to appear in mid-air. By installing this projection scrim of 18 by 6 meters at the front of the stage, the projections seemed to surround the famous football player that interacted with said hologram images. A recipe for success!

On the lookout to launch your sporting event with a bang?
Hologram effects on projection mesh do the trick.

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