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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Infinite aisle effect using XL Giantmirror glassless mirrors
Backlit printed fabrics decorate event venue
Red velvet wall upholstery dress up wedding venue

Printed & velvet wedding decorations

Dubai, UAE
نوفمبر 2022

Backlit printed fabrics and infinite mirror aisles take wedding memory-making to a whole new level.

Dreamy velvet upholstery

On one of the most memorable days of a lifetime, you want to make an impression that lasts. An assignment that is right up the alley of Designlab, who turned this wedding venue into a real eye-pleaser using red velvet drapes that attract the eye as soon as you enter. Covering the entrance wall and arches of the dining area, the velour wall upholstery turns the event space into one that instantly makes you dream. The benefit? Besides being decorative, Velours Verdi features acoustic qualities that are great for optimizing sound. Ideal for a public venue that can host many guests, like this wedding location.

Backlit printed textiles romanticize the venue

What’s more enchanting than getting married under a starry sky? A printed backlit fabric with moon and stars artwork did the trick, adding a touch of romance to the space. Backlighting the high-quality print fabric with light boxes results in a very bright and intense colour pallet. Just the right decorative touch this venue needed to immerse its wedding guests in romance!

Infinite GiantMirror aisles

Without a doubt, the icing on the cake was a 10 by 20-meter glassless GiantMirror that formed the end of the aisle. The mirror creates beautiful reflections of both the happy pair and their guests as well as a visually infinite aisle over which the bride could stroll. Wedding decorations done right!

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