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GiantMirror mirrorfoil kaleidoscope effect
Special effects with glassless mirror foil
Endless reflections with GiantMirror mirror foil

GiantMirror for the world’s largest kaleidoscope

Riyadh, KSA
مارس 2022

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stand in the middle of an optical illusion? Visitors of LEAP 22 can tell you, as they walked through the largest kaleidoscope in the whole wide world. This is glassless mirror foil at its very best.

Immersive GiantMirror installation

The 40-metre-long, three-metre-wide, and six-metre-high installation called LEAPscape features LED tiles on its walls and floor, and reflective GiantMirror foil on the ceiling to visually expand the space. The content displayed at the bottom of the tunnel is then reflected on the mirror foil above, creating a mind-blowing kaleidoscopic effect. Inspired by the ability of mirrors to double the visual perception of spaces, the design team was eventually able to craft a set that enlarged the environment by nearly 12 times!

Stun your visitors with large-scale mirror effects

As you can imagine, walking down a whopping big immersive art installation makes for a very memorable experience. But using a visually seamless and warp-less mirror foil is crucial for pulling off a 360-degree effect like this. Luckily, these are all key features of the innovative GiantMirror.

With just one triangular entry and exit point at either end of the tunnel, the kaleidoscopic reflections remain undisrupted and the explosion of colour, texture and geometry appears to go on forever. One word: WOW.

Did you know GiantMirror is available in different colours, each with very specific features? Your choice of colour will highly depend on the effect you want to achieve.

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