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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Projections on fabrics spice up this fashion show
Immersive projections on a cotton cyclo banner
Immersive projections on a runway
Immersive projections on fabric ceiling decorations

Projection fabrics for DAZZLE Fashion Show

Shanghai, China
نوفمبر 2021

Immersive projections turned the DAZZLE Fashion Show into a real feast for the eyes.

Fashion events are usually quite impressive and only the most extravagant show will do. That is why Dazzle Fashion turned this show into a real spectacle using colourful projections on XL fabric screens. A wide cyclo backdrop and visually seamless ceiling decorations light up the entire venue with stunning light effects. What a creative way to put the models in the spotlight!

The cotton banner above the catwalk is a great material to project on. The wavey drape adds movement to the scene and determines the whole atmosphere of the show. Being an inherently flame-retardant fabric, cyclo is also perfect to use at an indoor public event like this.

Organising a memorable fashion event becomes child’s play when you experiment with immersive fabric projection screens.

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