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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

GiantMirror Icosahedron
Mirror Foil Icosahedron
Reflective Foil Icosahedron

Mirror Foil at SAGA Festival

Bucharest, Romania
أكتوبر 2021

The Saga music festival is all about bringing boundless creativity and imagination to life. But the real party starter was an XL mirror foil icosahedron. GiantMirror at its best.

The enormous kaleidoscope near the entrance goes without saying: you can create the craziest effects with mirror foil and lights. No less than 19 large GiantMirror triangles formed the so-called icosahedron installation, custom developed by Alda, MFX Engineering and ShowTex. The gigantic reflective structure is the visual symbol of the festival and a true party starter during the shows. By mounting colourful light tubes inside and around the 3D structure, the festival set turned into a real feast (for the eyes). What a way to get the party started!

Mirror foil for events

Mirror foil is perfect for an outdoor event like this when set-up and dismantling times are limited. The lightweight GiantMirror is easy to handle, even on a large scale. Perfect for temporary installations where the use of glass is unsafe or impractical.

Did you know GiantMirror comes in 3 colours? Each with very specific reflection and transparency features: a full mirror foil for realistic reflections, a crystal clear foil for stunning holograms and the silver see-through one used at SAGA, for when the foil's transparency is just as important as its reflective quality.

On the lookout for materials to set the tone on your festival or gig? Try experimenting with mirror foil.

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Alda Nederland BV; Alda Live S.R.L
Alda Nederland BV, MFX Engineering