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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Immersive projections on retro projection screens
Immersive projections on retro projection screens
Loose weave muslin partitions

Immersive projections at Valentino’s fashion expo

Shanghai, China
أبريل 2021

Valentino Garavani presents his latest collection in an unforgettable way, as immersive projection screens display stunning pieces of art.

Let immersive projections guide you

Colourful artworks and unique images displayed onto multiple retro projection screens shape this art exhibition into a captivating and instagrammable event. With Re-Signify, designer Valentino presents his latest clothing line. A compelling experience, as the immersive projections draw your attention from every corner of the venue. The broad viewing angles of the screens allow high-quality graphics from wherever you are standing. A great way to guide all visitors through this interactive brand experience.

Partition fabrics that leave you wondering

Loose weave muslin pieces serve as the perfect creative partitions. By only giving away the silhouettes of the presented pieces of clothing, the translucent fabrics stir the visitor’s curiosity like no other.

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