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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

The King of Comedy - backlit sheer stage props

Beijing, China
يناير 2021

Let virtual technologies dazzle you during the astonishing performance of The King of Comedy. Playful lights and high-quality projections on semi-transparent textiles complete the dramatic scene.

Circular pieces of sheers add depth to the stage

During the entire performance, translucent textiles mounted in circular frames steal the show while moving around on stage. Not only do the set pieces add depth and dynamics to the scene, they also define the drama of the TV spectacle.

Top off the magic of your stage design with lively light effects and countless beautiful projections onto the sheers, and your show is a recipe for success. When there is light behind the semi-transparent fabrics, you can see right through them, showing the performer on stage. Your audience won't know where to look first.

Finish off your act with an eye-catching stage design. It all starts with the right choice of stage fabrics.