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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Archaeology Museum of Catalonia

Barcelona, Spain
ديسمبر 2020

The Catalan Museum of Archaeology recently renovated the rooftop of its central dome, as the fabric ceiling panels urgently needed replacement. Thanks to brand-new cyclorama fabrics, the dome is now looking spotless again!

While searching for the right textile solution, the museum looked for a way to maintain as much natural light as possible inside the public building. Thanks to their translucency, cyclorama fabrics turned out to be the perfect choice. The Cyclo 300 canvas features a stunning light spread and gives the museum its bright and airy vibe back.

Since the roof of the central dome is hard to access, tensioning the flame-retardant ceiling panels in the wooden roof structure was quite challenging, but super effective. The updated light conditions allow you to enjoy the ancient Greek and Roman artifacts even more now. And for years to come, as the museum engaged in a long-term partnership with ShowTex.

On the lookout for a fabric ceiling solution that generates natural light in your building? The right choice of ceiling cloths really makes a difference.