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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Cotton ceiling panel Cyclo 270 at Theatre Carré's restaurant
Cotton ceiling panel Cyclo 270 at Theatre Carré's restaurant

Restaurant at Royal Theatre Carré

Amsterdam, Netherlands
نوفمبر 2019

The best way to cover a curvy ceiling structure? Flexible and versatile flame-retardant fabrics to the rescue! 

Sturdy cotton ceiling panels 

The top floor of the famous theatre houses a classy restaurant, characterised by the iconic ceiling structure of Carré. No doubt, the finishing of this construction had to be both visually appealing while preserving the unique look and feel of the building. Custom-dyed Cyclo 270 panels did the trick! 

Custom-coloured cyclo fabrics 

Opting for a custom-coloured material enables you to make your drapes either stand out or completely blend in with their surroundings. By mounting the heavy-weight Cyclo 270 panels in between the wooden beams of the ceiling structure, they added a warm and cosy feeling to the otherwise industrial space, without claiming too much attention. On top of that, the flame-retardant cotton is perfectly safe to use in a public space like this and ensures a sleek and stylish result!