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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Third Practice - Tero Saarinen Dance Company
Third Practice - Tero Saarinen Dance Company
Third Practice - Tero Saarinen Dance Company

Third Practice

Finland & Italy
نوفمبر 2019

Have you ever heard dancing and seen music? This mesmerising performance uses floating sheer fabrics to actually make that happen!

Special-effect fabric as light as air

FeatherSilk is the obvious choice when seeking the perfect floating material for your stage. The dancers use flagpoles and waving motions to generate wind by which the extremely lightweight material is carried through the air like a feather, becoming an integral part of the intriguing scenography. Breathtaking!

Did you know that one square metre of this silky material only weighs as much as one sugar cube? Still, it looks truly lavish when graciously moving through the air. Add some lights to it and FeatherSilk will take on every colour you desire.

Choreographer Tero Saarinen:
“These voluminous fabrics represent a continuation of both the movement and the singing, playing their part in enhancing the lightness, flexibility and suppleness of the piece.”

Sheer projection fabrics

As light plays a major role in the visual effects, sheer projection surfaces could not be left out of the set design. That's why various panels of white LaserVoile separated the dancers downstage from the musicians upstage. Only attached with hook and loop fastener on top, the see-through projection fabrics were swiftly pulled down at some point, to truly complement the dancing FeatherSilk drapes on stage.

A stunning selection of delicate materials that fit right in with the aesthetics of the performance.