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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Cube Frame museum display
Cube Frame museum display
Cube Frame museum display

Art Gallery NSW

New South Wales, Australia
سبتمبر 2019

Something was cooking at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. The Australian museum brought in the specialists to ensure all museum displays were on point to host one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. Using custom Cube Frames, Cyclo 75 and FP Blackout fabrics, the major exhibition featured meticulously finished art displays, all installed in just one single day!

A-level room dividers

ShowTex Australia was the art gallery's go-to partner for the high-quality room dividers that define the actual visitor flow through the exhibition. Alternately, the powder-coated Cube Frame partitions were covered with black and white Cyclo 75 to keep the whole setup visually interesting. The elegant and lightweight aluminium profiles are ideal for creating sleek and freestanding fabric walls, without the need for staples or glue.

Seamless & semi-transparent partition walls

Needless to say, only the highest level of detail is good enough for a museum display. Combining the frames with a loose-weave, muslin-like Cyclo 75 offered just enough transparency to create an intimate setting while triggering the visitors' curiosity to what was yet to come. Finishing the Cyclo with a sewn-in push keder allowed for seamless frame integration. The thin cotton could be tautened just enough to keep the see-through walls 100% crease-free, without tearing the fabric or bending the frame.

Total blackout front projection

No better choice than an FB Blackout projection screen to create a dynamic and interactive museum experience. This high-gain and total-blackout screen will prevent any spill light from the projector as well as interference from ambient light. At the same time, the smooth screen surface ensures a superb reproduction of the projected images.

Proud to be serving as the go-to specialist in flame-retardant fabrics and frame solutions down under!