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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

DekoTaft event fabric


The Hague, Netherlands
يوليو 2019

A musical spectacle about probably the greatest composer of all times deserves an equally grand set design emphasizing the grandeur of the story. That's why scenographer Bernhard Hammer (Soldier of Orange) opted for a luxurious white DekoTaft to bring the right atmosphere to the stage. Both chic and serene!

Decorative fabric on stage

The beautiful piece about the musical genius that was Mozart is set in front of an impressive Austrian backdrop measuring 18 metres wide by 12 metres high. The striking draperies form a stylish framework in which the entire performance takes place. Even the passage for the actors and musicians is part of the design, as they come on and off stage through an elegant Venetian opening in the middle of the front curtain. The backdrop surely is the eye-catcher on stage!

Traditional festoon curtain with a modern twist

Traditionally, these theatre drapes often have a warmer and more rustic look. Choosing a light decorative fabric such as DekoTaft instantly adds a modern twist to the classic set-up, fully in line with the contemporary interpretation of the play.

Getting creative with fabric and light

Combined with light, you clearly notice the endless possibilities of this flame-retardant taffeta. While it guarantees a beautiful even light distribution when lit from behind, the subtle glossy shine also shows the most spectacular light reflections. A very versatile material that adds a luxurious vibe to the set without spending a fortune. The perfect proof that you can also achieve great effects on stage with a budget-friendly material!

Amadeus is a co-production of the National Theatre and the Theatre Alliance in collaboration with Opera2day.