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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

The Human Dance - cyclorama
The Human Dance - cyclorama

The Human Dance

يناير 2019

An interactive installation combining scenography, art and an intriguing range of sounds? The Human Dance invites you to discover your impact on the world around you in a fascinating space fully surrounded by scenic fabrics.

Fabric walls that set boundaries

Everything takes place inside a room defined by translucent walls of fabric, adding a certain pattern and light effect to the whole experience. As a visitor, you become an actual part of the installation using the Cyclo 75 walls as your guide.

See-through cyclorama fabric

By walking around the room, the design of the panels comes to life and operates as a sort of echolocation to which the music responds. Combined with backlighting, the translucent patterned walls play a vital role in the unique atmosphere of the artwork!

The Human Dance is a sound installation by playField in collaboration with artist Jeroen Vandesande and textile design studio VOUW.

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