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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Auditorium Curtain KACWC - multi layered theatre curtain
Auditorium Curtain KACWC - multi layered theatre curtain
Auditorium Curtain KACWC - multi layered theatre curtain
Auditorium Curtain KACWC - multi layered theatre curtain

Auditorium Curtain KACWC

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
ديسمبر 2018

There's a bold new cultural initiative in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia! The striking King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture with its stunning auditorium called for a unique front-of-house curtain to complement its exclusive design. Using an impressive multi-layered theatre drape, designer Petra Blaisse and ShowTex worked together to realise just that.

Theatre drapes to make an impact

Three layers of flame-retardant stage fabrics, each with their own specifications, form the main focal point in the room. A sound-transparent Velours TransSonic CS was printed with a stylish gradient design and backed by a layer of Blackout Double to prevent any light from shining through the curtain. The unique printed velvet and blackout material are finished with a thin lining of PolarisVoile CS for a surprising special effect.

Integrated light effects

ShowTex perforated the two front layers of flame-retardant fabric with a symmetric pattern of eyelets to add subtle movement to the theatre curtain. As the PolarisVoile CS lining breaks all light that shines through the little holes, a dynamic light effects appear on stage!

Tensegrity frame structure

In front of the 10 meters high by 18 meters wide stage drape is a custom structure of frames and steel cables in which golden stretch fabric is tightened. The glamourous leather-look triangles were confectioned to size and carefully fixed to the frame using light-weight aluminium profiles. By covering some sections from the back and others from the front, parts of the structure remained visible and made the tensegrity piece look even more appealing.

Two-in-one confectioning

The majestic curtain consists of two parts, each confectioned in a very different way. This resulted in sleek and unpleated panels above the golden frame structure and a more playful stage curtain below that gains more and more pleats towards the bottom.

The KACWC auditorium can seat 930 visitors and will host a variety of events ranging from opera, symphony concerts and musicals to lectures and more. An unrivalled performing arts venue in the Kingdom, taking stage curtains to an exciting next level!

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