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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Ben Howard

Theatre tour
نوفمبر 2018

For his latest theatre tour, British singer-songwriter Ben Howard surrounded himself with a modest orchestra of eight musicians and a stunning set design, boosting the mysterious nature of his songs.

Textured AluShape Rock backdrop

An impressive AluShape backdrop mimicked a massive granite wall, in front of which stage lights moved up and down on poles. The light effects created an ocean-like wave on stage and washed the textured moulding cloth with every colour you can imagine! By choosing a scenic sculpturing fabric, the designer could easily add depth and texture to an otherwise flat backdrop.

Transparent GobelinTulle projection screens

In front of the AluShape Rock formation, various fabric projection surfaces displayed poetic visuals inspired by the intimate songs. The see-through GobelinTulle both reflects and transmits light, making it perfect for playing with front- and rear projections. At some point, the stage scrims even revealed a holographic image of Howard in real time! A stunning effect.

Just like the songs, which are a kaleidoscope of shifting moods, the scenery kept changing accordingly. An absolutely beautiful stage design, demonstrating the uplifting effect a set can have on a show.

إشادات المشروعات

Phil Kaikoura (lighting & show) & Alan ‘Wilbot’ Wilson (video)